Website is a must-have in every business. It is a place where you can pass on the valuable content that will be your customer-magnet. Not only is it worth to take care of good text but it is also crucial to put effort to the design and graphics. Remember – people tend to visualize things and they like if the layout is plain and coherent with the content. Your website is not a place for any slip-ups such as long loading time or badly matched graphics.

Do you want to refresh your websites layout? Maybe it is designed in a way that scares your customers away? You don’t have to know what to do to fix that problem – that is precisely what I am here for! You will save time and resources (therefore money) and will gain something that not only will meet your expectations but also will help you achieve your goals.

MW-Masaże Project
One-page-scroll website

MW-Masaże is my most complex project so far. I have created the entire strategy of brand identification starting with logo, through marketing materials and website. I tried to make it look simple and plain for the potential customers and to avoid using needless information. I believe that this has favourable effect on the results in services.

Projekt strony internetowej one-page-scroll

You can visit the website here: www.mwmasaż

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Marketing activities

The truth of today is – if you are not present in the Social Media – hardly anyone will hear about you. However, to be a part of Internet community, the knowledge is essential – it is not as simple as it may seem. People scroll their Facebooks, Google the information they need and they don’t want to have a feeling of wasted time if they eventually end up on some website. No matter where you want your campaign to take place (Facebook, Google AdWords or traditional materials such as leaflets, catalogues, flyers, etc.) – it all require strategy. You have a goal to get new customers – I am here to deliver. Let us also not forget that Social Media and Internet itself is a great place to present yourself in a best possible way. It is worth to make use of your potential.

Projekt MW-Masaże
Leaflet, envelope, business card

Every company should have business cards, company documents, leaflets and so on – the more coherent the better. Because that is how you build the presence of your brand in the minds of your customers. Just as I did with MW-Masaże, creating the entire strategy of brand identification.

Briefcase project


Advertisement brochure

Advertisement brochure.

Internet advertisement campaign
Facebook advertisement campaign

I also take care of various Internet advertisement campaigns for MW-Masaże.

Ice-cream parlour project
Designing leaflets for the ice-cream parlour

Designing leaflets for the ice-cream parlour.

Cultural event poster project
Event poster

Designing the poster for the Bread Day in Lwówek

‘Megafajne wydarzenie’ project
Tickets project
Tickets project
Tickets project
Kampania prowadzona w internecie

I took care of ‘Megafajne wydarzenie’ (Supercool Event) from scratch – including the organization of the event and designing marketing materials.

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Visual ID

Understood as everything that is crucial to present your company well. You have no idea about identifying brands with colors? You are not sure which size to choose for the whole thing to look coherent? Maybe you do not know what to write? Relax, take a deep breath – I am here to do that for you!

Remember that the first impression matters the most. A good logo is not just a picture. It reflects on what you do. It is worth to create something well thought through, something that will be associated with your company.

Visual identification of MW-Masaże brand
MW-Masaże logo

I have created the entire strategy of brand identification starting with logo, through marketing materials and website for MW-Masaże.

business cards
business cards

Visual identification of a rock band Mefedron
Rockand Mefedron logo

Logo of a rock band Mefedron.

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